Top Inflatable Paddle Board Paddles

top paddle board paddles

Paddle boarding has quickly evolved into one of the most popular water sport activities for men and women of all ages. In order to ensure that you get the most excitement and fun from your paddle boarding experience, it’s absolutely crucial to have the right equipment. The two most important items you’ll need when planning to go paddle boarding is obviously a board and a paddle.

Whether you prefer a stand-up paddle board for a fun race or an inflatable paddle board just for paddling around on a sunny day, finding the right combination of board and paddle or paddler isn’t as easy as you might think, however. The board and paddle need to the right size and weight for your specific needs. In order to ensure that you are getting the best equipment for your paddle boarding trips, this article will narrow down your choices to only the very best paddles for inflatable paddle boards.

Best Inflatable Paddle Board Paddles

ULTRALITE 100% FIBERGLASS Shaft Performer Adjustable SUP paddle by BPS

ultralite 100 fiberglass shaft erformer adjustable sup paddle by bps

The first item on our list of the top inflatable paddle board paddles is the ULTRALITE 100% FIBERGLASS Shaft Performer Adjustable SUP paddle by BPS. This fantastic product makes our list because it’s one of the most durable paddle board paddles you can find.

It features an extremely strong fiberglass shaft, as well as a composite nylon blade that can cut through the water with little effort. This particular product is also extremely lightweight at just around 2.5 pounds and is guaranteed to float in both fresh and salt water.

Perhaps the best part about this paddle is its adjustability. You can easily extend it anywhere from 71–83”, making it easy to use for people of all sizes. It is inexpensive and you also get a free carrying bag that will protect your paddle from the elements and drops.

Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

carbon fiber sup paddle

Next on our list, is the Carbon Fiber SUP paddle made by Super Paddles. This California-based company has garnered many favorable reviews because they make their paddle board paddles with a heightened focus on quality and performance.

Their focus is certainly seen in this carbon fiber paddle because it’s very lightweight and features a double concave, a dihedral blade that is great for both high-performance paddle boarders and beginners alike. This paddle can also be adjusted between 72” and 86” and it only takes about 20 seconds to set up and take apart this product.

It also comes with a three-compartment paddle bag and a 12-month complete replacement guarantee. The price tag is a bit more expensive than some other models, but customers have acknowledged that it’s well worth its price.

Adjustable CARBON FIBER ‘Slider’ SUP Paddle by BPS

adjustable varbon fiber slider sup paddle by bps

BPS makes our list again with their Adjustable CARBON FIBER ‘Slider’ SUP Paddle. It’s hard to not make an entire list devoted to only BPS paddles because they simply make some of the best paddles on the market.

Featuring a very durable carbon fiber shaft and composite nylon blade, you’ll rarely have to worry about scratching or chipping this paddle. At just over 1.5 pounds this product is without a doubt one of the lightest paddles on this list and it can also be easily adjusted anywhere from 69” to 84.5”. It comes with a free bag and blade cover and it won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

Another great thing about the BPS Company is that, not only do they make some of the best products around, their focus on customer service is also top-notch. They are quick to reply to any questions or concerns about their products and will usually respond to emails in only twelve hours.

Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Own the Wave

adjustable alloy sup paddle by own the wave

The Adjustable Alloy SUP Paddle by Own the Wave makes our list because it’s one the least expensive, yet highly-rated products available. With an inexpensive price tag, you will not be disappointed in this paddle because it offers everything you could want and does so for such a low cost.

It’s lightweight at just over two pounds and has a strong nylon composite blade and aluminum shaft. You can also adjust this paddle to anywhere between 71” and 83”. It can float in any kind of water and comes with a fantastic 12-month replacement guarantee.

There have been some issues with this paddle, however, as some customers have noted that it tends to rust easy and that the paddle blade can occasionally fall off, but these instances are few and far between.

Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle 3-Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle

pure-carbon-fiber-sup-paddle piece adjustable stand up paddle

The last item on our list of the top inflatable paddle board paddles is the Pure Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle by iGK. This paddle makes our list because it was specifically designed to be the toughest and lightest paddle on the market. It certainly accomplishes this goal because customers continue to rave about how well it performs.

Thanks to its pure carbon fiber construction, it weighs just over 1.5 pounds, which certainly reduces the amount of fatigue you’ll feel while wielding this paddle. You can adjust it from anywhere between 72” and 68” and it only takes a matter of seconds to put it together and take apart.

This particular paddle is a bit more expensive than some of the others on our list, but people seem to agree that it warrants this price because of how good it performs in the water.

There are certainly many other great paddle board paddles on the market today, but these are the cream of the crop. You simply can’t go wrong with any of the paddles on this list and that is why they continue to garner high praise from their customers. Having a strong and lightweight paddle will make your paddle boarding adventures much more comfortable and, therefore, more enjoyable.