Top 10 Paddle Board Blogs


Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is the fastest growing water sport today, and with all those paddlers comes loads of information. Whether you are looking for reviews on the best gear or advice on the most beautiful paddling destinations around the world, there are bloggers with all the information you could need. We’ve put together a list for you of the top 10 paddle board blogs to follow.

When it comes to buying a stand up paddle board there are hundreds on the market to choose from. When picking the best places in the world to paddle board, there are thousands of different destinations. Check out the bloggers on this list and follow what the best in the business are doing.

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for your paddle boarding needs, the Distressed Mullet has it. Information ranging from awesome tutorial videos, to the latest gear and stand up paddle boarding necessities, this is the blog to follow. From beginner to advanced, this blog offers information and news updates that could help any stand up paddle boarder. The Distressed Mullet even offers a full and comprehensive list of paddle boarding competitions, challenges and meet-ups. The Distressed Mullet is a great resource for lovers of this sport. Readers can trust that they are getting the best and most up-to-date information when it comes to this ever growing water sport.

Sup the Mag is a great reference for paddlers all over the country. For any paddler who wants the latest information on the world of stand up paddle boarding, all they have to do is simply subscribe to SUP Mag’s digital magazine. For less than $5 a month, stand up paddle boarders can have an all access pass to this wonderful world.  Apple and Android users can download the magazine on their phone and stay up to date with everything SUP. With beautiful images and constant stand up paddle boarding coverage, nothing goes missed on this website.

Offers a clipboard of images, video clips and quotes that will surely inspire any potential stand up paddle boarder. Paddle fit looks to add more to stand up paddle boarding than just the sport itself. With classes taking place in exotic places as far away as Turks and Caicos, paddle fit also wants to ensure that paddlers vacation with purpose. The paddle fit website is the perfect place to find inspiration for this emerging sport. Showcasing their amazing coaches from around the country, paddle fit could make anyone want to hop off of the couch and grab their board.

This website offers a vast range of information for stand up paddle boarders. Everything paddlers need to know from the best boards for beginners, to finding a board that is best for a paddler’s height. This website offers an immense amount of information, allowing paddlers to make informed and detailed decisions before making large purchases. Apart from being an information powerhouse for everything regarding stand up paddle boarding, the site also offers substantial reviews on boards, accessories and paddles. For paddlers looking to buy gear, this is the perfect spot to check.

If a paddler is looking for extensive guides and reviews on stand up paddle boards as well as stand up paddle board gear, this is the place to go. This site also includes information on the best destinations in the world to stand up paddle board. With beautiful destinations ranging from Bali to Honolulu, this site offers paddlers the best of the best in riding. Some articles even include health benefits as well as the history of this growing sport. As this sport evolves, the information available will quickly skyrocket, answering the questions of seasoned paddlers as well as potential paddlers.

The SUP team is a group of young and enthusiastic paddle boarders currently living on an island in the Canary Islands. Not only does their blog offer insight on the wonders of living on a beautiful island, they also offer stand up paddle boarding yoga. The pictures and videos they have showcase this sport in the most amazing way and would make anyone want to jump on a board and learn a couple different poses. The SUP team proves that this sport is always growing and evolving. For any paddler who thinks that they have mastered the waterways near them, trying a yoga pose could change a couple of things.

This is a Houston-based blog that does product reviews as well as names the best hot spots for stand up paddle boarding in the United States. One of their most recent posts explains a current contest where the winner will be sent on a stand up paddle boarding tour around the United States. The Paddle Board HTX covers everything from calories burned on a board to the perks of stand up paddle boarding in the winter. With an upbeat tone and some great content, this is definitely a blog to check out.

This blog acts as portal of connection for stand up paddle boarders from all over the world. Hosting the latest news, features, and interviews this blog succeeds in connecting paddlers from all over. One of the latest pieces recaps a video series which takes place in Hawaii truly showcasing the most beautiful parts of our worlds and the paddlers who conquer these waters.

The website says it all. This is the place to look for paddlers who want to go anywhere on the map and find the best stand up paddle boarding spots in that area. When on this website, the possibilities truly seem endless. A paddler can close their eyes touch one place on the screen, open their eyes and go! Where Can I Paddle Board offers all information on stand up paddle boarding around the world. Travel the world but do not forget the board.

Emerging paddlers and veterans on the water can all learn something from this quickly growing community. With endless information, pictures and videos, these blogs ensure that this sport will keep transforming. Check out our inflatable paddle board buying guide here!