Top 10 Kayak Blogs


With thousands of kayakers conquering the water every year, there are blogs that can help any kayaker better their time on the water. Offering product reviews, destination referrals, and safety information, kayaking blogs are a must for anyone interested in this sport.

Awarded in countless competitions, Chris Hipgrave shows that there is truly no limit to kayaking. With detailed information from kayaking competitions all over the country, Chris truly brings readers into the realm of the white waters. Constantly updated, this blog is a wonderful source for kayakers of all levels. With detailed descriptions of the surrounding areas, Chris literally brings readers right into the competition. Kayaking enthusiasts will surely be pumped when they read about these endeavors. With tips on how to improve paddling skills, to the best brands to use while out on the water, Chris has all bases covered.

In a sport that is often heavily represented by men, it is awesome to see such a powerful blog run by women. There are hundreds of thousands of women who kayak every year, varying in levels from beginner to competition level. Not only do the women, or girls at play, document the day-to-day activities of kayakers, they also promote upcoming women-based competitions. Anna Levesque, creator of Girls at Play is an instructor, international competitor and bronze medalist. Anna’s reach goes much further than water sports. The entire goal behind Girls at Play is to have intention and inspiration for all facets of life.

Kayak Quixotica offers quite a unique viewpoint on the beauty of kayaking. The Kayak Quixotica sets out to explain the digiphonic mythology of post-modern sea kayaking. As with the tricky name, this blog offers much more than information on kayaking. Reading through each blog post is much more like reading stories from a book. The pictures and words are artistic and vibrant, and most of all, one of a kind. This blog is the answer for anyone tired of the mundane information on the Internet that can often become repetitive. This blog is a wonderful and inspiring tool for all kayakers.

This blog offers breathtaking views of parts of the world some people may only see online or in movies. Traveling the world just became a lot cheaper. Bouncing around this blog can inspire anyone to grab a kayak and hit the water. This blog offers more than just beautiful landscapes and waterways; kayakers can find the latest product reviews and information on everything kayak based. Sea kayak photo is not only inspiring, but informative, making researching kayaks easy and delightful. This blog is a top pick for its artistic appeal.

Qaja Rolls is an easy to scroll through helpful tool for kayakers of all levels. One of the featured posts explains how author, Christopher Crowhurst, teaches kayakers how to properly roll their kayak. Crowhurst’s explanations throughout his blog are so informative and hands-on that it almost feels as though he is physically helping you in this sport. Detailed descriptions help this blog feel more like a self-help book for kayakers than a blog. This website also showcases the historic kayaks from Greenland and techniques used from this part of the world. All in all, this blog offers a different perspective on the art and sport of kayaking.

The Kayakers is an awesome forum for kayakers all over the world. Kayakers of all ages and experience have the opportunity to share their stories with other kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts. This open-forum format allows for a great flow of communication, lessons, and storytelling. Like most kayaking blogs, The Kayakers also offers great reviews of kayaking equipment and accessories. Contribution is highly encouraged and this website truly feels like a small community that is engaged and inspiring. With pictures, videos, and storytelling, this blog is great for emerging kayakers breaking into the community.

This blog is loaded with information on kayaking white waters. With endless blog articles, videos, and pictures, kayakers interested in whitewater riding should check this site for up-to-date information. Irene’s Kayaking Blog also breaks down the safety and research behind riding in white waters. A sport that often scares off recreational water goers, it is important to understand the research behind these rapid waters. Irene also does a wonderful job of wrapping up some of the best whitewater courses that can be taken in the Pacific Northwest. Irene includes great reviews of the best products that can be used for whitewater kayaking.

Kokatat is a paddle sports and apparel company based in California. This company commits itself to developing and producing products that are not only made in the US, but are environment friendly in comparison to other products on the market. This company hosts a blog that shares beautiful pictures and video from all over the world. If kayakers want to see a portal to the world of kayaking in faraway lands, such as Austria or Iceland, this is the place to go.

Author Dan Simenc explains the kayaking in conditions ranging from freestyle to creeking. With unbelievable pictures and video, there is no doubt that this blog is perfect for anyone into kayaking under extreme conditions. White waters are clearly no match for Dan and this is clear in the content that he produces. Kayakers will find nonstop thrill and adventure in this blog.

Beginning kayakers can find all relevant information in one place with this informative blog. With information on kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and vital information for beginners, this blog will get any newcomer out on the water in no time. Helpful pictures and descriptive articles make kayaking a breeze.

Whether you are emerging in this sport or a longtime veteran, the world of kayaking proves that there is always something to learn and ways to grow. This is part of the reason why this sport is so loved all over the world. It can never be perfected and new challenges wait around every river bend.