Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak Review

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4.4/5 on September 4, 2015

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  • Durable
  • Spacious
  • Comes with most accessories


  • Price
  • Doesn't track well without the skeg

If you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can get you down some pretty extreme rapids, the Sea Eagle 420x Explorer kayak may be the choice for you. It is roomy enough for 3 adults, but it is designed for only two and provides virtually everything you could want to go along with it. This makes it ideal for novice or skilled kayakers.

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak Features

  • Extremely Durable: The Sea Eagle 420x  Explorer kayak is made of a 1,000 denier polyester supported, high pressure fabric that is tough enough to resist all possible punctures. The seams are welded electronically so that you do not have to worry about anything when out on an adventure. This inflatable kayak is rated for class IV rapids. All of this means it is slightly heavier than other inflatable kayaks at 42 pounds, but it still is not too difficult to carry.
  • Very Spacious. The Sea Eagle 420x kayak is ideal for 2-3 adults weighing less than 855 pounds combined. The total length is 168 inches and it is 39 inches wide. This means it has a lot of room for gear if you would rather just you and one other person take it out for an adventure.
  • Self-Bailing: The Sea Eagle 420x inflatable kayak has 16 rapid self-bailing drain valves in it to ensure you drain off water as quickly as it enters. When you are on the rapids and your kayak is taking on a fair amount of water, you do not have to worry about it because it will stay afloat. When the drains are closed in calmer waters, you will never see a leak where the water is coming in.


  • The Full Package: When you choose the Sea Eagle 420x Explorer kayak, you get everything you need to enjoy the water in your kayak. It has a carrying bag to make it portable, there are spray skirts integrated into the bow and stern, two inflatable seats, a foot pump for easy inflation, two 8ft double ended paddles, a repair kit, and on-board tie downs.
  • Great Warranty: Sea Eagle offers a 3 year warranty which is one of the best if not the best in the industry. It is a great way to ensure you will be happy with your investment.

The video below shows you how durbale the Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks really are.

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak Customer Reviews

The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer kayak has received some good reviews from many of its owners. Here is what a few reviewers have already said about it:

  • Accessories Included: There are a lot of people who feel the Sea Eagle 420x is worth it because they say it is great to make one investment and get everything they need to get out into the water. It is durable enough to satisfy the people who are already avid kayaking fans, but includes everything that a beginner kayaker needs, even the paddles, which most inflatable kayaks do not come with.
  • Easy Set Up: Current owners of the Sea Eagle 420x say the setup is easy. Some customers who were new to kayaking say they went from opening the box to the water in a little over 10 minutes.
  • Very Spacious: There are some cusotmers who say that owning the Sea Eagle 420x inflatable kayak is more like owning a large canoe because of all the space available on it. It holds enough gear to last most of them for an entire week without the kayak feeling crowded.

The Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak Cons

  • Sits High: The Sea Eagle 420x kayak sits on the water. For some current owners this means it does not have much in the way of water and wave resistance. However, they do say that it is better when loaded with gear or when you take along a friend on your adventures.
  • Bad Tracking: The Sea Eagle 420x does not come with its own skeg. You have to purchase it separately and most people do recommend it if you are mostly going to be in calmer waters. When on the rapids, you really should not need the skeg.



In general, if you want to take a kayak out for extended trips and you want to have a variety of options with where you can enjoy kayaking, this could be a great kayak for you to purchase. It is durable and safe in every possible way. However, the Sea Eagle 420x does come with a price tag that many beginner kayakers are not going to enjoy. This means it may be best suited to those people who already have a love of kayaking, and want to get a kayak of their own. READ MORE OWNER REVIEWS HERE⇒

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