Paddle Board and Kayak Lights


Stand up paddle boarding is a water sport that is the fast-growing worldwide. With varying levels that allow all ages, experience levels, and sizes to enjoy time out on the water, there is no question why interest in paddle boarding has blossomed. Stand up paddle boarding can be seen in oceans, lakes and even whitewater rivers all over the world. A paddler needs proper equipment, a great amount of balance and determination to continue out onto more rapid waters.

Kayaking is a sport similar to canoeing. It differs based on the sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. The history of kayaks originated thousands of years ago, originally made from driftwood by Inuits. Kayaking remains one of the most popular water sports of today. In 2016, there are unbelievable products on the market that can take this traditional sport and continue to make it new again for generations to come.

Paddle Board and Kayak Lights Help With Safety

Safety when engaging in any water sport should be of top priority. Most accidents that happen to riders while on open water revolve around a lack of safety precautions.

Kayak lights and paddle board lights you buy should be marine grade. They need to withstand all situations that may arise while riding a kayak or paddle board at night. These lights are not only necessary for the sides and bottom of the board/kayak but on the paddles as well.

Apart from the safety features of having lit kayaks and paddle boards, durable LED lights can also add an extra entertainment feature. With lights such as the Nocqua Adventure Gear LED light system.

The lights illuminate the surrounding area, the light comes with adjustable straps to fit any paddle board, kayak or canoe. They produce about 2000 lumens and are water resistant, and the waterline can easily be seen at night. If a rider wants to go on a sunset trip with their friends and family, these lights are a perfect addition.

Sunset or moonlight paddle boarding has become the new standard for most stand up paddle boarding companies around the world. These paddle boarding sessions allow riders to be a part of an intimate setting, all while maintaining the safety measurements necessary for all parties involved.

See More of Nature and Other Vessels

Boating or kayaking at night allows a rider to see animals that are nocturnal. At night there is much less traffic on the water. With quieter and calmer waters, many animals are also less shy and more willing to swim right up to the boats/board with lights that actually attract them.

Many riders, who have used lights on their paddle boards or kayaks, have viewed a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish, as well as jellyfish and other sea creatures. This aspect alone makes the added lights an amazing investment that the entire family will enjoy.

Paddling around a regular spot during nightfall is like finding a new spot altogether. Paddling around the same lake or bay can become mundane after some time, but that experience is completely transformed at night. The silence and serenity of the nighttime paddling can create an entirely new and breathtaking kayaking or paddle boarding trip.

For any nighttime stand up paddle boarding or kayaking session, a rider is going to need to either has lights with an adhesive or straps that attached to the board/paddle. The amount of money you want to spend will dictate which lighting system is right for you. The pricing for lighting kits can vary quite a bit.

There are LED lights on the market that are remote controlled or button operated. While wider beam angles offer a glimmering light into the abundant sea life that lives below the waters, spottier beams have the best visibility over a longer distance.

Top Kayak Lights

Solite 250 lights cannot be submerged but are perfect for use as a headlamp. The rechargeable system is perfect for the kayaker or standup paddle boarder who wants a device that can also second as a flashlight or a lantern.


Deckhand flashlights boast beams that are nearly as bright as the headlight of a motorcycle. This flashlight can easily be handheld, but can also be mounted.


Illuminated paddle board and kayak gloves are great for night time adventures. The illuminated gloves have the latest LED technology; the gloves allow riders to be seen up to 1 mile away. The gloves feature a light battery that lasts over 200 hours. They also have a reflective surface that makes them optimal for riding safely.

These gloves are made from a flexible, lightweight material with full dexterity and padded grips. This makes them an awesome addition to any rider’s essential needs.

Another great light on the market for water sports is the GoBe light.

It is waterproof up to 120 meters, this light ensures that the fun does not end when the sun goes down. Including beam patterns and even flood lighting, these multi-compatible light heads can be interchanged for an array of situations.

Many beginners worry about the safety of nighttime riding. The truth is, as always with water sports, as long as the rider is aware of their surroundings and respects the outdoors, it is no more dangerous than day riding.

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