Kayaking Gloves


Many new kayakers do not know that gloves are an important part of their adventure. There are some people who feel that warm weather means that the gloves are not necessary, but true kayakers know that gloves can make the difference. It does not matter whether you are kayaking for a day or kayaking for the entire week. Your hands deserve the special comfort that gloves provide them.

Why Wear Kayaking Gloves?

During the winter months, gloves can protect your hands from some of the cold weather and water that may run down the paddle to where your hands are. In the summer, they are mostly worn to prevent the kayaker from getting too much sun on the back of their hands and to prevent the possibility of blisters. Either way, you want gloves that are comfortable and gloves that will allow you to hold the paddle comfortably.

If the gloves you choose are too thick or too large for your hand, you will most likely not feel comfortable while you are trying to grip the paddle. The key to successful paddling is in the grip you have on it. That is why you often find kayaking gloves that have the fingers cut out of them and a thinner palm area.

To give you an idea of what gloves are best for kayaking, perhaps you should consider the gloves below. They have all been tested by users and most people would choose to own them again in the future if they needed another pair of gloves.


NRS Men’s Boater Gloves


These gloves have lightweight spandex on the back to keep your hand cool and to allow it to dry quickly. It has 3/4 fingers so that grip is not an issue. The leather palm provides comfort and a good grip on the paddle. It also protects you from blisters. There is also fleece around the thumb so that you can move it more freely and wipe sweat off if you need to. The glove gives you sun protection and closes securely using Velcro around the wrist. Read Owner Reviews⇒


NRS Maverick Gloves


These gloves have a HydroCuff around the wrists to ensure it stays firmly in place on your hands. They are made with 2mm neoprene with a titanium laminate to keep your hands very warm. They are able to keep water out because of glued seams. These gloves have only thin neoprene so that you can grip the paddles comfortably. Read Owner Reviews⇒


NRS Women’s Boater Gloves


These gloves are designed for style, comfort, and usability. They have Amara synthetic leather on the palms and a fleece panel on the thumb area. It does have a Velcro closure around the wrist and the backhand is covered in spandex. It provides a UPF50+ sun protection and keeps your hands cool and dry. Read Owner Reviews⇒


NRS Women’s HydroSkin Gloves

These neoprene women’s gloves are great for kayaking in the winter weather. They are water resistant, full fingered gloves that have a delicate, feminine design on them. The seams are glued and the wrist cuff ensures that it will not slip around while you are paddling. Read Owner Reviews⇒


Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove

These kayaking gloves are made with Neoprene, Lycra, and terry cloth. They are lightweight and have a natural skin-like feel. They have the wide Velcro wrist closure that is typical with biking gloves, but they are designed in a way to work well for boating/paddling your kayak. Read Owner Reviews⇒