Innova Sunny Kayak Review

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4.7/5 on September 16, 2015

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  • Durable
  • Tracks well
  • Easy to setup


  • No spray skirt
  • No pump or paddle

The Innova Sunny kayak is made from a high quality, environmentally friendly, PVC-free material. The 1200 denier, heavy-duty rubber coated Nitrylon is puncture resistant. This inflatable kayak is built for one or two paddlers. It sets up in a matter of minutes and packs up nicely into its own backpack at the end of the trip. The Innova Sunny kayak is perfect for lakes, slow moving rivers, coastal waters, and inlets.

Innova Sunny Kayak Features

  • Safe For the Environment: The Innova Sunny kayak is PVC-free. No outgassing! This inflatable kayak is handmade in the Czech Republic. After its estimated 20 year life span, the company offers the option of sending the inflatable kayak back to them to be made into rubber mulch.
  • Comfort: This Innova Sunny kayak features adjustable seats for back support and adjustable foot rests. This allows the inflatable kayak to be comfortable for all shapes and sizes. Another added feature of comfort is the inflatable seats. The four twistlok valves for the seats and foot braces add stability to your comfort. The double ended open cockpit allows for easy maneuvering.
  • Versatile: The Innova Sunny kayak takes only minutes to convert from a single to a double. To change the kayak from a double to a single, you simply turn the forward seat around to put yourself in the middle, and move the tracking fin to the other end. It has a weight capacity of 396 lbs. It is also versatile in use as it can handle small swells, in addition to being perfect for lakes and slow moving streams.
  • Portable: The Innova Sunny kayak weighs 33 lbs. when deflated. Folding up into its own backpack with adjustable straps makes this inflatable kayak easy to transport. Keep it in your trunk for last minutes trips with no need for a car rack. Perfect for apartment dwellers without a lot of extra space.
  • Additional Features: Multiple D-rings for storage, a repair kit, valve adapter, removable tracking fin, grab handles.

Innova Sunny Kayak Reviews

The Innova Sunny kayak has received good reviews from many of its owners. The following is an overview of what customers like about this kayak:

  • Well Built and Rugged Construction: Customers are finding the 1220 denier and heavy duty coated rubber to indeed be puncture resistant and built to last. Reviewers mention taking dogs out with them and having no problems. Accounts of owning this kayak for several years and using it in snow, rain and heavy winds. Some even took it over beaver dams and all found this inflatable kayak to be rugged and durable enough to last.
  • Superb Tracking: The Innova Sunny kayak is known for being one of the speedier of inflatable kayaks on the market. Customers note that because if its efficient hull, it continues to coast for quite a while after you stop paddling. It comes with a removable tracking fin which all customers recommend to use for quality tracking, easy maneuverability, and speed through water. Sea Kayaker Magazine reviewed this inflatable kayak and clocked a top speed of over 5mph!
  • Easy Set-up: The Innova Sunny kayak takes about 10 minutes to set up. Inflate the seats first, then put them in the kayak and inflate the side tubes, saving the floors for last. Don’t forget to put on the tracking fin, as you will notice right away if you do not have it. No time is wasted with this inflatable kayak.
  • Portability and Storage: The Innova Sunny kayak is easy for customers to store at home or in the car as it folds down to a small size. A wonderful choice for paddlers who like to do a little walking first as it packs into its own backpack with padded shoulder straps and weighs only 32 lbs. This lightweight design allows the inflatable kayak to be transported with ease.

The Innova Sunny Kayak Cons

  • You Will Get Wet: The Innova Sunny kayak does not include inflatable spray skirts to protect you from the elements. If you are going out on a cooler day, or one with wind, be sure to wear your rain gear and prepare to be wet!
  • No Paddle or Pump Included: The paddle and pump are needed immediately and will need to be purchased separately. This is just an added cost to the customer.
  • Skimpy For Two People: Pay close attention to the weight limit on the Innova Sunny kayak. Customers who came close to, or exceeded the weight limit, noted a slight bend in the double I-beam floor once they were loaded up. Keep in mind that gear must be included in the 396 lb weight limit.


If you have opened up an item you purchased and smelled the noxious gasses that come off of it, then you will appreciate the “green” design of the Innova Sunny kayak. Made with a 1200-denier patented rubber, this kayak is PVC free and better for the environment. While offering the earth friendly option, it also offers speed as one of the fastest and most durable inflatable kayaks on the market. Its lightweight design and backpack system make it easy to store and easy transport. You can take the Innova Sunny kayak to your favorite lakes or rivers and paddle solo or with a partner. Adjustable seats and foot rests allows custom comfort for you and your paddling partner. With a 10 minute set up time, you will not waste any time and can be out on the water only minutes after parking your car!

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