Inflatable Kayaks and Paddle Boards for Kids


Remember the time when you were a kid and loved to explore your surfing side? Did you miss the fun to explore the surfing excitement because of the non-availability of kayaks and paddle boards? Well, certainly this will not be the case with your kids as there are a number of inflatable kayaks and paddle boards available now. You can provide your children with the best quality kayaks and paddle boards so that they can enjoy the water.

If you had a paddleboard or a kayak for yourself, then you may want that your kid to use the same for their experience as well. But, with time as they grow, they may demand their own watercraft. Today, there are many varieties of kayaks and paddle boards available on the market from which you can select for your child.

Though there are different varieties and models of the kayak and paddle boards available, not all the available paddle boards and kayaks are right for your kid. Thus, you must be really carefully before selecting the right board and kayak for your child. There are many factors that you must take care while selecting the necessary kayak and paddle board for your child.

Factors to be Consider Before Buying

Not all the paddle boards should be used by your kid. We are focusing on some of the important factors that must be given importance and attention while selecting the desirable kayak for your kid. The following are the features that play an important part in the selection process.


Because kid’s safety is a top priority, that should be a key factor in selecting a board or kayak. Some kayaks are more stable making them less likely to tip and keeping your little one safe. Some paddle boards are more stable which helps keep them upright. Also, make sure you focus on the weight capacity of the board because once the rider hits or exceeds that number it will be more difficult to keep the board upright.


The chosen board and kayak must be stable when in use. The board should give the perfect balance to the kid so that he can enjoy all the surfing activities to the fullest. Stability sort of falls under safety and is a very important factor when choosing watercraft for your kid’s.


The next factor that you must consider is the size of the board or kayak. The size of the board should be sufficient enough that it gives enough space to your children to be comfortable and perform all the activities easily and enjoy their riding experience to the fullest.


The weight of the board also plays an important role in enhancing the surfing experience for your child. If the weight of the board or kayak is too heavy, it will become difficult for your child to carry around. It could mean you are left responsible carrying their gear and yours. Finding a lightweight option with a carry bag would be a smart decision.


Since your child is steadily growing it would not be a good idea to select a kayak that is very expensive since they may outgrow it within a year or two. This is similar to something like golf clubs or a bike. Therefore, we recommend buying watercraft this is good quality but also not too expensive.

Inflatable Kayaks and Paddle Boards for Kids

Now, that you are aware of the various factors that you must keep in mind when selecting a kayak or paddleboard for your kid, it is time to consider the various options available. The following are some of the best products that will deliver all of the benefits and fun while out on the water.


Advanced Element Firefly

This kayak is a great choice for paddling in flat water. Its compact size and weight make it suitable for kids. If you are looking for a lightweight kayak for paddling on calm weather days, then this is the right choice for you. It also comes with a warranty of 1 year.


Sea Eagle 330

This product provides an opportunity for two people to paddle together. Along with this, it also gives an option of solo paddling as well. This kayak is also lightweight but is suitable to be used for different type of water. It comes with a warranty of 3 years.



DUNA Inflatable Paddle Board

This paddleboard is equipped with the latest technology and all the latest requirements that your kid may need when riding for the first time. From being stable, safe and affordable, this board stands for all the factors. Your children will have a ton of fun once they master riding and paddling.



NRS Rascal

This inflatable kayak makes the best choice for the kids as it is compact in size and thus, can very easily be handled by the kids. The kayak is lightweight which also helps the child to handle the kayak as per his needs. This kayak is affordable and comes with a warranty of 3 years.


If you are interested in larger boards please click this link