Inflatable Fishing Paddle Boards: Catch Big Fish with these Top Models


There are people out there that love fishing. Then there are also people who want to take fishing to an extreme level. In the past, this meant that they wanted to go further out into the ocean, in deeper water, where they could find large fish. Now there’s a new way of fishing that allows people to stay close to land and experience a new type of fishing that goes beyond your wildest dreams. It is all due to the inflatable fishing paddle boards that are now available for purchase and total enjoyment.

Why Paddle Board Fishing is the Best

When you venture out on a paddle board, you are close to the water. You can feel the water flowing under your feet and each little tug on your line will feel more amplified by the way that your paddle board will rock back and forth. When you actually hook a fish, you will feel it pulling you in a way that you will never feel it when you are on a boat, even if it is only a small fish on the end of your line. It takes balance to stay upright on the board while battling the fish. It takes skill to win the battle and you can get into areas where most people will never be able to fish.

What Is an Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board?

Stand up paddle boards, or SUPs are seen in all types of water. People stand on them and paddle where they want to go. It is a great form of exercise and gives every part of your body a workout. They are wider platforms that are easy to stand on. The paddle board itself is fun to ride on. The fishing SUP is no different. It is a wide platform to stand on. You can paddle it into shallow water areas and you can experience fishing like never before. The fact that it is now inflatable further enhances the experience. It’s affordable so that more people can enjoy fishing the way that nature really intended it to be done.

The biggest difference is; an inflatable fishing paddle board has more features than a traditional paddle board. It has tie-down areas so that you can hold a tackle box and your fishing poles. Some of them have seats that you can attach so that you can sit comfortably while fishing. In all cases, they are affordable and extremely portable.

To give you a better idea of the features that are available and why people choose the inflatable SUP, we came up with a few of the best-selling styles. These SUPs are user approved for fishing and durability.

Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

Aqua Marina is one of the most trusted companies offering water activates solutions. The Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP is one of its best, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the dream come true iSUP of all those who love fishing. This 10.10 feet long SUP, with a width size of 38 inches and thickness of 6 inches makes it a perfect solution. So it is basically a combo a perfect combination to make your fishing, a fun loving activity. The best part is its detachable fishing cooler which comes with the SUP, with a comfortable sitting system. The SUP comes up with seven stainless rings out of the same four rings are in the front panel and are even in connection with a bungee cord to let you carry extra stuff.


  • The thickness makes it strong for a catch
  • The side chambers provide high safety standards
  • The cooler is an undoubted benefit
  • Two fishing rods for both the sides have been enabled


  • It may annoy many that the paddle isn’t included in the kit
  • Also, you’ll have to purchase a repair kit separately.



Z-Ray FS7 11ft Deluxe Fishing Stand-Up Paddle Board

While speaking about a good fishing iSUP, the most important part is its portability and Z-Ray FS7 11’ Deluxe is a perfect example of the same. Z-ray as a company in whole has a very high standard that it has set for its customers, so they can’t even think of providing less than an iSUP.  This Z-Ray SUP is 11 feet long with a width size of 32 inches, and 6 inches of thickness to make it stronger. The company has put a specific attention on the thickness to ensure high performance. And then on all of it, to increase the durability and EVA padding has been made to cover most of it. The six D-ring features with 4 rings capacitated with a bungee cord. It also comes to you with a grommet design which is a complimentary benefit to the users to carry a seat on it. Furthermore, the navigation system is the attraction of the deal.


  • The thickness is paddle’s unique selling point.
  • It provides extra length than other SUPs in this range
  • The uniqueness of design makes it look like a flat surface which avoids sinking in water.
  • The tracking system makes it a buyer’s choice.


As per our review team, we haven’t found any flaw till now, so if you are into fish boarding then this is a win-win deal.



Boardworks Badfisher MCIT 11ft Inflatable Fishing SUP

This board has been designed especially keeping the needs of leisure fishers in mind. The best that it has been pitching to its customers is the storage space that it provides in its 11 feet length. It weighs really light, something like 59 pounds which makes it very portable as compared to other SUPs. The major reason people have preferred this SUP is its feature to be deflated but at the same time, this factor doesn’t hamper its stability. It has a thick rail of 6 inches and puts in use of multi-chamber inflatable technology. The open width of 39 inches gives it a good space for extra cargo. The facility of D-ring is included and ensures stability.


  • It has a good length of 10ft 6in
  • The multi-chamber inflatable technology makes it more durable
  • The quality of deflation makes it very portable
  • It has a width of 39 inches which is comparatively more than others in the range
  • Its light weight makes it more appealing.


  • The price range is higher, but if the features fix in your need, you may not step back to get it loaded.



Imagine IPS Angler DLX Inflatable Paddleboard

The specification that almost all the companies have been speaking about the inflatable paddle boards for fishing have been specifically giving importance to the rigidity and its length and width. The basic reason being using the measurements as the pickup line is that any of them would need it when the rider shall go off with its accessories. This Imagine Surf product is no different in the range. This too is 11 feet long which ensures enough space for extra baggage.  The double layering of the skin makes it even more durable and rigid. The universal accessory pods that can be used for storing fishing rods and other equipment. Additionally, the paddle comes with a customizable option. The high-pressure pumps ensure that the ride remains safe.


  • The size of the SUP is commendable
  • The multi-chamber inflatable technology makes it more durable
  • The adjustable paddle makes it a preferable choice
  • Universal accessory pods make it look more stylish
  • Navigation facility is an addition


  • The price may worry few of the buyers but the diamond groove EVA shall let you forget the pricing and go for the choice.



Osprey Inflatable Fishing SUP

The paddle board offered under the brand name Osprey has all that you can expect a Fishing iSUP to have. This SUP with a length of 11.2 feet that is capable to carry all your needful like a cooler, the paddles that you may need, the fishing gears, and above all if you need some extra cargo to be taken along, it has space for all. Further, the 32 inches of its breath ensure that everything stays stable and the same gives space to a heavier rider or probably some extra equipment that they may wish to carry. One may find Osprey a bit expensive as compared to others coming up with some similar facilities in the market, but if you know the company’s products you may not hesitate to pay the price.


  • Width is its strength
  • Back bag to support the transportation facility.
  • The EVA padding ensure that footing is strong and smooth at the same time
  • The bungee cord ensures to keep extra cargo safe
  • It comes with three PVC pods that can help you connect accessories.
  • Its weight of 400 lbs keeps it stable.


  • High pricing
  • Comes without paddle and rod holders

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