Best Kayak Helmet: Top Products to Buy for Your Next Kayaking Trip


Kayaking can be a very relaxing way to enjoy time in the great outdoors. However, depending on the type of kayaking you enjoy doing, there can also be dangerous aspects of it. We recommend wearing a kayak helmet whenever you’re out on the water.

It is highly recommended that everyone who ventures out onto the water in a kayak wear the proper safety gear for their adventures, especially if you are going to be in unstable water. This does include shallow water with rocks all around and white-waters. For these activities, you should take your time and choose the right kayak helmet to keep you safe.

Why Wear a Helmet When Kayaking?

One of the biggest reasons you should choose to wear a helmet while kayaking or enjoying other water sports is your safety. When kayaking, there is always a risk of your kayak flipping over if it becomes unstable. If you are in shallow water or an area that has a lot of rocks, when the kayak flips, you could easily hit your head on a rock or the bottom of the riverbed. This could knock you out and lead to you drowning. It is smarter to protect yourself before it happens.

Choosing the Right Kayak Helmet

When considering a kayak helmet, you need to find one that you can wear comfortably. However, it should be strong enough to protect your head from possible injury.

For this reason, there are several different types and they are all made using different materials and lining. It should fit your head securely so that it does not move around a lot, but it also should not fit so tightly on your head that it gives you a headache. You may also want to consider whether you want a water helmet that comes over your ears or one that leaves your ears open.

Once you have a basic idea of the type of helmet you want and the size you need, you will want to think about the style of helmet that you like the best. To give you an idea of some available kayaking or water helmets, we have included a few different types below.

Pro-Tec Ace Wake Kayak Helmet

The Pro-Tex Ace Wake helmet is a waterproof and dual density lined helmet. It is available in three colors, either black, blue, or red. It is designed using a full surround interior fit system. It cups the back of your head to provide comfort and a great fit. The ear guards are removable. It is whitewater certified to protect you when you are in rough rapids and it comes with a one-year warranty. Sizes available include extra small and large. Read more here⇒


NRS Havoc Livery Helmet

The NRS Havoc Livery helmet is available in five colors including, red, blue, white, yellow, and black. It is a one size fits all adult helmet that has a cutout for your ears. It fits any head circumference of 53-62cm thanks to a DialFit system that allows you to adjust it with the twist of a knob. It also hooks securely onto your head using a chin strap. Read more here⇒


Sweet Protection Rocker Fullface Helmet

The Sweet Protection Rockey Fullface helmet is designed to protect your entire head and face. It has a Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon outer shell and an ABS thermoplastic inner shell. There is padding and a full coverage CoolMax liner inside to ensure your comfort while wearing it. It is a certified CE 1385 which means it is great for whitewater. Read more here⇒


POC Receptor + Helmet

The POC Receptor + helmet is designed to cover your ears and it is great for all types of sports whether you are on the water, snowboarding, or on dry land. It has an Aramid Penetration Barrier to give you extreme protection from all possible falls. It is ventilated to keep you cool, but in the winter, you can add a winter lining and the earpieces to keep you warmer. Read more here⇒