Waterproof Wallet or Fanny Pack: Which Should You Buy?


When you are out on the water exploring, you probably will want to protect the things you value most. This includes money, smart phones, credit cards and other items. Finding a small and easy to carry water resistant bag for these items is not a new concept, but it is not always easy to find them. Most bags are large and designed to be tied to your boat, canoe, or kayak. This is great, but what about smaller items that you do not want to have to search for in a large bag? What about items that you want to keep on you? That has not been so easily found in times past. Buying a waterproof wallet or waterproof fanny pack should solve this issue.


Why Choose Waterproof?

When out kayaking, boating or paddling, you know that there is a good chance you are going to get wet. There is always the risk of you flipping over and taking an unexpected swim. It could be a great thing for you during the summer months when it is hot outside, but that does not mean that you want everything you are carrying to go for a swim along with you. Money, debit and credit cards, cell phones, watches, and other things may need to stay safe from the water or left on the shore. However, many people do not want to carry around a large backpack on their back when they are trying to paddle. That is where waterproof wallets and fanny packs could be more convenient.


Advantages of a Waterproof Wallet

Water resistant wallets are designed to protect items from water. It does not matter whether you are protecting your personal items from a splash of water or a total immersion in water. Wallets or billfolds are designed to be small and compact. Some are able to hold not only cash and cards, but keys and SIM cards as well. They are a lot different from your typical wallet and offer a little more space and many offer easier organization for your items. There are aluminum wallets that have a watertight seal as well as others that are made of clear or colored plastic and vinyl. Many of these wallets are also carried in other places rather than your pocket. You can wear them around your neck and arms or carry them inside of your pocket like a traditional wallet. Many of these wallets are designed to float which means you will be able to find them if you happen to go for an unexpected swim and it happens to come off of you somehow. When you get back to dry land at the end of the day, all of your items will be as dry as when you got into the water.


Advantages of Waterproof Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a lot larger than most wallets, which gives you the option to carry more with you. This means you will have to leave less of your personal items in your vehicle and on dry land. They are ideal for carrying cell phones which wallets cannot house. Many are clear so that you can use your cell phone without having to remove it from its waterproof bag. They hook easily to your waist and you can wear them over or under your clothes. They tend to be pretty comfotable and many people forget they are even wearing a fanny pack.


Some Waterproof Wallet Disadvantages

A waterproof wallet is most likely going to be larger when filled than a traditional wallet. If you plan to go swimming, you have to read carefully to find out how much protection it will give your valuables. Some are able to withstand total submersion for an extended period of time. Others may be able to handle it for only a few minutes. Fanny packs may also have the same limitations and some people do not like having something tied around their waist. However, their size depends on what you plan to put inside of them and whether you intentionally try to catch air inside so that they will be more likely to float if you somehow lose it in the water.


Waterproof Wallet and Fanny Pack Recommendations

No one can tell you whether you should buy a waterproof wallet or fanny pack. It depends only on how much you want to carry with you and how much you are willing to leave in your vehicle. A wallet is smaller, which means you will only be able to carry certain items. A fanny pack allows you to carry more with you, but it can become bigger and heavier than what you’d like to carry with you while out on the water.

To give you an idea of the available options, you should take a look at the reviews below. These are popular choices for many people who love to spend their summer months in the water doing the things they love.

SHARKK Aluminum Waterproof Wallet

SHARKK now has an upgraded aluminum wallet that can provide more water resistance than ever before. It is available in blue, grey, or red. Inside, there is room to hold seven credit cards or six cards and a little bit of cash. You should not put more items in the wallet than it can hold because forcing it closed will lessen its ability to keep water out. As an added bonus, it can also protect you from credit card scanners who may try to steal your identity. Read more here⇒



Pelican Micro Sport Waterproof Wallet

The Pelican wallet is water and dust resistant. It features an easy to open latch and dual mesh pockets. It cannot be crushed and it is large enough to hold keys, your ID, credit cards, and cash that you may want to carry on your adventures. It has a convenient wrist carry strap and if you happen to lose it in the water, it will float to be easier for you to locate. Read more here⇒


Aquapac Keymaster AQP-608 Waterproof Case

It is designed to keep keys and car immobilizers safe from the water, no matter how long you plan to be in it. It is large enough to hold keys, cash, credit cards, and even asthma inhalers. It can withstand total submersion of up to 15 feet for 30 minutes. This makes it perfect for people who hope to go beyond swimming to snorkeling. If you accidentally drop it from your boat or kayak, it will float so that you do not have to worry about losing your items overboard. It is covered by a 3-year warranty to ensure your total satisfaction. Read more here⇒


Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Fanny Pack

If you hope to go swimming, kayaking, boating, or snorkeling, you can take advantage of this pouch. It is covered by a lifetime guarantee and with one purchase, you get two pouches. They are transparent so that you can use your cell phone without opening the bag. They can float in the water with you and waist straps are fully adjustable. These bags are large enough that you can carry along anything you choose to carry with you. Read more here⇒

Freegrace Premium Waterproof Pouch with Waist/Shoulder Strap

Freegrace has a variety of colors for you to choose from. The closures on these pouches have double closure strips to protect your valuable items. It is a very large pouch that can hold cameras, watches, and more. It keeps everything inside hidden from the view of others so that you do not have to worry about someone seeing how much money you have with you. You can adjust the straps to fit around your waist, across your torso, or your shoulder. Read more here⇒


iThrough Ultra Universal Waterproof Fanny Pack

This water resistant pouch protects your items from water, dust, dirt, and sand. It is large enough to hold cameras, documents, cash, phones, and more. It protects items using a triple zip lock seal and additional Velcro closure flap. It is made of a very soft PVC material that is durable and safe to use, regardless of where your adventures may take you. You can see through the pouch and use your cell phone without having to open the pouch, which is ideal for sandy beaches and other environments. Read more here⇒