Zodiac Inflatable Boats: Some of the Best Models

best zodiac inflatable boats

If you’re on the market for inflatable boats, you’re probably wondering, “Well, which one is actually the best for me? There are so many out there.” While this is true (there is a ridiculous amount of inflatable boats out there), rest assured that the one company that provides top-notch nautical vessels is Zodiac. Originally starting […]

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See Our Review of the Hobie Mirage i11S Inflatable Kayak

hobie mirage i11S inflatable kayak mango slate

The  Mirage i11S is small on storage and big on fun. Paired with the Hobie MD 180, it can be used as a pedal-powered kayak. It can also be used as a SUP or paddled like a kayak. The kayak has an ultra-comfortable seating system. It is an excellent choice for a versatile fishing machine to […]

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Inflatable Paddle Board Workouts

inflatable paddle board workouts

You have heard about and possibly tried stand-up paddle boarding. Participation in the U.S. has almost tripled in the past few years. An estimated 2.8 million people participate. The typical first inflatable stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) experience goes something like this. Paddle ten feet from shore for 20 minutes Fall of a few times Laugh […]

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Best Inflatable Boats under 500 Dollars

best inflatable-boat under five hundred dollars

With summer just around the corner, you’re going to want to hit the water and splash around the waves with a boat. However, finding a place to put your boat lends itself to expensive boat docking fees, in addition to gasoline costs and having to haul the boat with a trailer. While that’s fine for […]

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Best Inflatable Paddleboard for Women

best inflatable paddleboards for women

Many people have a misconception about inflatable paddleboards. They are not cheap blow-up novelty items or pool toys. A durable inflatable stand-up paddleboard, also known as paddle boards or inflatable SUP, holds as much as 12 PSI of pressure. Inflatable SUPs can be used anywhere, even if the plans include family recreation or surfing. Inflatable […]

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Fiberglass vs Inflatable Kayaks: Which Will Better Float Your Boat?

pros and cons of fiberglass and inflatable kayaks which will better float your boat

Unlike wooden canoes of old, nowadays there are so many different types of kayak out there. Sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, paddling kayaks, fishing kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks, folding kayaks, and touring kayaks to name but a few. Then you have to decide between the different materials, with the two most common being fiberglass, inflatable, carbon fiber, […]

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Paddle Board Weight Limit Help for Beginners

understanding paddle board weight limits

Paddleboarding has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Whether you prefer an inflatable paddle board, a stand-up paddleboarding (SUPS), or even an inflatable SUPS, it’s a fantastic way to get exercise and enjoy exploring nature on the water. In order to fully enjoy your paddle board experience, it’s important to understand […]

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5 Kayak Rudder Models You Should Check Out

what is a kayak rudder the 5 models you check out today

There are many accessories made for kayaks and they all serve a particular purpose. Whether you prefer sit-on-top kayaks, inflatable kayaks, or sea kayaks, a kayak rudder is one of the more popular accessory choices and some kayak brands are even shipping their products with a rudder attachment included. This is a somewhat new trend […]

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Top Inflatable Paddle Board Paddles

top paddle board paddles

Paddle boarding has quickly evolved into one of the most popular water sport activities for men and women of all ages. In order to ensure that you get the most excitement and fun from your paddle boarding experience, it’s absolutely crucial to have the right equipment. The two most important items you’ll need when planning […]

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3 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Need for Your Next Excursion

During the summer, many people enjoy water sports activities. For some, kayaking is a form of enjoyment that can be enjoyed alone or with a group. As a result of the way you can glide through the water without creating much of a disturbance, many anglers have turned to kayaks to improve their chances of […]

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Paddle Boarding With Your Dog : How to Prepare Your Pups

  Are you a fan of paddle boarding, or perhaps just getting into the sport. Do you want to find a way to bring your furry friend along for the ride? We don’t blame you. Dogs often love the water just as much as people, so why leave them to watch on the sidelines while […]

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10 Inflatable Boat Accessories That Are a Must!

Whether it’s an inflatable paddle board, kayak, or any other watercraft, inflatable boats are fun! They allow you to take to the water with ease and enjoy a day of adventure, fun with friends, exercise, great views, and so much more. What’s not to love about a day on the water, equipped with an inflatable […]

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