Best Inflatable Paddleboard for Women

best inflatable paddleboards for women

Many people have a misconception about inflatable paddleboards. They are not cheap blow-up novelty items or pool toys. A durable inflatable stand-up paddleboard, also known as paddle boards or inflatable SUP, holds as much as 12 PSI of pressure. Inflatable SUPs can be used anywhere, even if the plans include family recreation or surfing. Inflatable SUP boards offer a space saving benefit. They can easily be packed into small cars or stored in an apartment or house. Here’s three of high-quality inflatable paddleboard for women.

  • Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable Paddle Board
  • Newport Vessels Women’s Umami Stand Up Paddle Board
  • ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4 Yoga SUP

Recommended Inflatable Paddleboard for Women

Advanced Elements Hula 11 Inflatable Paddle Board

This option is stiff enough for paddle boarding, surfing, or kayaking. Inflatable SUP boards are ideal for women new to paddleboarding and feel a little unsure about it. If paddleboarding turns out not to be a woman’s cup of tea, the board can be used for surfing or kayaking.

advanced elements isup hula 11 inflatable stand up paddle board

It is stable and durable. Options are included for gear tie-down or a kayak seat. Included in the purchase are a pump, three removable fins, valve adaptor, and repair kit. The Advanced Elements paddleboard is fast into the water.

It can be unfolded, inflated, and hit the water in minutes. These inflatable boards are extremely light and compact. They pack perfectly into a duffel bag. Though lightweight, they can carry as much as 250 pounds.

It is easy to store. These inflatable boards are merely is deflated, rolled, and stored in readiness for its next use. It performs best in slow-moving lakes and rivers or tidal areas. The optional leash attachment and kayak seat make surfing easy and fun.

The drop stitch construction is made with high pressure and topped with a double PVC tarpaulin layer for extended durability and rigid performance when bumping into reefs while surfing. A large traction pad made of soft foam offers a solid grip when wet.

Gear can be attached and tied down with the seven stainless steel D-rings. The valve inflation chamber is military grade. A featured raised tip cuts waves nicely. The three fins consist or a center and two side fins. They are useful for flat water tracking.

Newport Vessels Women’s Umami Stand UP Paddle Board

The Women’s Umami SUP is the ideal inflatable paddleboard for women. It is lightweight at 19.25 pounds and portable whether inflated or deflated. It takes five minutes to inflate or deflate using the hand pump included in the purchase.

newport vessels womens umami stand up paddle board

The most differentiating features of this inflatable paddle board are the PVC material used, the high-end German adhesive, and the rigorous manufacturing process. A key factor the makes the paddleboard so high in quality is the drop stitch fabric core and the triple layer of PVC. The PVC and adhesive used are among the highest quality materials available on the market.

Those materials mean the paddleboard will last against the elements and prevent damage. The sturdy PVC material used to make the paddleboard renders it virtually indestructible. The high-pressure drop stitch fabric allows the board to be rigid when fully inflated.

The board becomes very firm and rigid while remaining lightweight. The material used is foldable and flexible. It can be knocked around and not be damaged. Unlike other foam or hard SUPs, there is no need to worry about scrapes, cracks, or dings. It can be dropped, run up the beach, or rammed into a boat or dock.

The meticulous manufacturing process includes quality control stretch tests, UV tests, water leak tests, and pressure tests. There is little noticeable difference between epoxy hardboard styles and this inflatable paddleboard.

The size of the paddleboard is perfect for women. It gives women riders a sturdy base with maximum buoyancy. The small size offers the max in portability and maneuverability. The paddleboard can be used for kayaking if a kayak seat (not included) is placed on the board.

It can be attached to the D-rings on the surface of the board. Additional D-rings are at the top of the board for gear such as life jackets, clothing, or bags. A significant advantage is the ability to store and transport the paddleboard easily.

The light board is carried by a handle when inflated and stored and carried in its mesh backpack carrying bag when deflated. It can be carried to a favorite bay, lake, or beach without the hassle caused by the need for a car rack to carry a heavy foam or hard paddleboard. Weighing less than 20 pounds the board takes up little space. It easily fits in a closet or garage.

ISLE Airtech Inflatable 10’4 Yoga SUP

ISLE stormed the market with this paddleboard for women. ISLE has a reputation as a leading industry manufacturer. It takes the initiative to produce products that fulfill the needs of its customers. Production value is based on customer properties and preferences to ensure they get their money’s worth.

ISLE airtech inflatable 10 4 yoga sup

There are many aspects of the ISLE inflatable SUP that places it among the best on the market. It inflates to 15 PSI and holds up to 300 pounds. Anyone can use the incredibly versatile paddleboard. Professionals can take to the open water of their tours and beginners can take things slow.

The name of the paddleboard stems from the ability to perform well while practicing yoga. The stable board holds in windy weather when riders try to perform yoga moves. It is great for having fun and cruising with friends on the water.

The ISLE Airtech inflatable paddleboard is an all-around great SUP. The Marine Battery website placed the paddleboard on its list of best inflatable paddleboards. Features of the paddleboard include a bungee paddle holder rail system.

The rail mounted bungee allows the paddle to be attached to the side of the board to keep it safely out of the way when performing yoga workouts and routines. There are two carry handles to use for carrying the board when inflated.

Diamond groove traction provides maximum no-slip grip for riding giant waves in the surf or quick turns in the flat water. The high-pressure inflation valve is rated for as much as 15 PSI. The two small fins and removable center fin that provide better tracking and performance in flat water and the surf are standard equipment.