Best Inflatable Kayak Pumps To Buy Right Now


Inflatable kayaks, inflatable paddle boards, and inflatable boats are great to own. They are convenient because you do not have to haul them on top of your car or on a trailer behind your truck. Most fold up and fit into a small carrying case that can be moved from one area to another with ease and by a single person. With the right pump, it can go from that carrying case to ready for fun in approximately ten minutes of your time. When the day is done, you simply have to deflate, dry it off, roll it up, and take it home. However, only the best kayak pumps should be used, if you want to ensure your kayak lasts for a long time.

Why Inflatable Kayak Pumps Matter?

When you have an inflatable item, whether it is a kayak or afloat, you have to fill it up right or you risk causing damage to the seams. This means over inflating is bad and so is under inflating. In most cases, kayaks will state that you should inflate fully. There are many people who choose to use an electric pump with a higher horsepower to get it mostly inflated, and then finish it off with a hand or foot pump to ensure they do not damage the seams where leaks are most likely to form. We recommend using a pressure gauge to ensure you do not damage the inflatable.

There are some pumps that work better than others at topping off an inflatable. Some hand pumps push air into and out of the inflatable regardless of whether you are pushing or pulling the handle. Foot pumps are the same way. Most all can work as a deflator as well. In all cases, there are some people who have a preference when it comes to their kayak pumps.



When you are topping off your towables, this double action hand pump is a great thing to have on hand. It provides you with four universal valve fittings and an accordion style hose that reaches up to 5ft. Its peak pressure is 14psi and it puts out 2 liters per stroke, whether you are pushing down or pulling up on the handle. It is ideal when you are trying to top off your inflatable kayak or other inflatables. Read Owner Reviews⇒




Classic Accessories Inflatable Boat/Tube Hand Pump

If it is an inflatable boat, kayak, or tube, this is a great hand operated pump for you to use it. It works when you pull up on the handle and when you push down to get it filled up quickly. It is made of sturdy, non-corrosive plastic and it is ideal for large water toys. It has a large hose and three different connection nozzles to ensure a good fit, regardless of what you are airing up. You can inflate or deflate using the same hand pump. Read Owner Reviews⇒



Advanced Elements Bellow Foot Pump

This foot pump has an easily attached hose and it works to inflate or deflate all inflatables. It comes with an extra-long, very portable hose and four connecting nozzles. This bellow does have a hose locking system on it to ensure that your hose stays attached, regardless of whether you are inflating or deflating your kayak, raft, or other toys. There is a compression clip so that you can store it anywhere, even on your kayak which may have a very small storage area. It is designed for Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks. Read Owner Reviews⇒



Sevylor Riverboat Pump

This hand pump provides 14.7psi for quick inflation of your kayak or other inflatable items. It has a volume of 4 liters and an airflow rating of 250lpm. You can even use it as a bilge pump and it will pump up to 66 gallons in 60 strokes. There are universal valve fittings included. It is double action and also works as a deflator. Read Owner Reviews⇒



 AIRHEAD AHP-120HP Hi Pressure Air Pump w/ Pressure Release

If you are looking for a high-pressure air pump, AIRHEAD has it. It works great for both inflating and deflating larger kayaks and other inflatable items. It comes with seven universal adapters so that it works to inflate a large number of boats, towables and more. You can limit the pressure to 1.4psi if you are inflating smaller items or go full power to inflate larger boats. It does have an accordion style hose which will lock into the pump so that disconnections will not annoy you. There is a 10ft power cord and an easy to carry handle. Read Owner Reviews⇒



Saturn Digital High-Pressure Electric Pump with Battery

This electric pump works for boats, rafts, kayaks, and all other inflatable items. It has an internal rechargeable battery and it can work off of a 12V car battery as well. It is lightweight at less than 13 pounds. It has a digital air pressure gauge which allows it to stop at the pressure level you set. It can easily work for both inflation and deflation, regardless of how large the inflatable is. Read Owner Reviews⇒