Best Inflatable Kayak Paddles


We here at we reviewed many of the top inflatable kayaks on the market. Some of the inflatable kayaks come with paddles and some do not. Some of the paddles that come with inflatable kayaks are low quality or just plain useless. Plus the paddles may not fit all of the different types of kayakers who purchase the specific inflatable kayak. Also for new kayakers it is a very good idea to always bring along an extra paddle. You never know when a paddle might break and you would not want to be out on the water without a functional paddle.

We have taken some time to research and review some of the best inflatable kayak paddles on the market. Paddle shafts generally come in three different materials, aluminum, fiberglass, and carbon fiber. As you will probably see the price increases as you go from aluminum to fiberglass to carbon fiber shafts. On the flip side, the weight generally decreases as you go from aluminum, to fiberglass to carbon fiber shafts. A high angle paddle is typically faster and more aggressive. They are designed for people who want to go long distances without wasting a lot of energy. The low angle paddles are for most kayakers. They allow you to have a more relaxed paddling style and get you where you want to go when you are ready to get there.

We only chose inflatable kayak paddles that come in multiple lengths (generally 220cm – 240cm) to appeal to a wider range of kayakers. If you have not read our “How to Choose a Kayak Paddle” article please read that before selecting a paddle.


Carlisle Magic Plus Kayak Paddle

This is a fiberglass paddle that has a good customer rating. It is lightweight at 35.6oz and durable. The blade itself is made of glass-filled polypropylene. You can choose from sunrise orange blades or cloud blue. The lengths available range from 220cm to 240cm. The price average is middle of the road.


Carlisle Day Tripper Kayak Paddle

This tempered aluminum paddle is very affordable and it has an overall gets good reviews from customers. The blades are black and white. They are made with polypropylene. The shaft is silver. You can choose a length of small, medium, and large. This paddle does have a straight shaft and the smallest size can be purchased for less than $50.00.


Aquabound Sting Ray Two-Piece

This kayaking paddle is one of the more expensive types because it is made with carbon blades. It has been hand-built to perfection and assembled in the USA. The blades and shaft are black in color. Length sizes range from 210cm to 250cm. This ensures that no matter what size you are, you will be able to find the right size for you.



Werner Skagit FG 2 PC Straight Shaft Paddle

This is a very popular choice for anyone who wants a Carbon kayak paddle. Users give this paddle great reviews. You can choose a length of 220cm up to 260cm. It does have a low angle blade to be something that most people will enjoy using. It has fiberglass reinforced nylon, injection molded blades. This ensures that they will not wear or tear up easily. It also has an adjustable ferrule.



Cannon Paddles Escape E Kayak Paddle

This aluminum paddle has received rave reviews from its users. The blades are fiberglass reinforced and it is a popular choice for all entry level kayakers. It is a paddle that offers blade stability and makes it easier to pull through the water. The shaft is anodized aluminum and features ovalized grips. It is a two-piece paddle, which some people do not want to use, but it does give you the option to set the blades to three offset angles.



Aquabound Manta Ray Kayak Paddle

With a rating of 5 stars, this fiberglass paddle is as impressive as it is bold in color. It is a two-piece carbon shaft that locks together securely using Posi-Lok connections. There are a variety of sizes that range from 210cm to 250cm. It is made in the USA and hand-built to be perfect.



Werner Kalliste Carbon Kayak Paddle

One of the cool things about this carbon paddle is that it has a slight spoon shape with a dihedral back. It is a two piece, take apart design. It is designed for low angle paddling and comes with a 1-year warranty. It holds a 4.9-star rating and it is available in either 220cm or 230cm lengths.



Bending Branches Whisper II Kayak Paddle

This aluminum kayaking paddle has good reviews. You can choose from silver with black, solid black, and white with black blades. Length sizes range from 210cm to 240cm. It does have a shallow V-shaped cross-section which will allow the blades to pull smoothly through the water. The smaller blade size promotes smoother paddling as well and with it, you will experience less fatigue. You have the option to choose from 0 or 60 ferrule angles.



Bending Branches Angler Classic Kayak Paddle

When looking for a longer paddle that is lightweight and easy to use, you may want to consider this fiberglass paddle. It ranges in length from 220cm to 260cm. It has a HI-vis tape measure printed on the shaft and you can adjust the ferrule. The blades are fiberglass reinforced and available in orange or green. There is also an integrated hook retrieval system on it to make life on a kayak easier.



Bending Branches Bounce Kayak Paddle

Many kayakers love this aluminum paddle. The length measures 210cm up to 240cm. It is a great entry-level paddle that can break down into two pieces. It has an efficient blade shape. The blades are made using bright yellow polypropylene to increase your visibility. There are drip rings on the paddle to keep water from landing in your kayak and you can offset the blades to 60 degrees to ensure easy paddling, especially as a beginner who prefers to stay in flat water.