Advanced Frame Expedition Kayak Review


  • Stable
  • Tracks well
  • Lots of storage space
  • 450 lb capacity


  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • No pump or paddle

The Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak is a wonderful, affordable option for the outdoor enthusiast. It can be kept in the trunk for easy transport, quick set-up, spur of the moment trips, and for apartment dwellers with minimal storage space. This kayak is a hybrid folding frame and inflatable kayak. The nine chamber design provides buoyancy and stability that compares to that of a hard shelled kayak. This inflatable kayak will not disappoint for comfort and tracking for hours of paddling.

 AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Features

  • Compact storage and Easy Set-Up: When you get to your destination, no time to waste! The AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak is quick to set up and no assembly required! The improved design allows you to just unfold, inflate, and get on the water. Set up time is speedy with Twistlock valves and high flow spring valves, which are compatible with most pumps.
  • Sturdy and Built to Last: With an investment like this, you want to know that it’s going to be a purchase you can enjoy for years. This kayak is designed with triple layer polyester material and double pvc coating to be puncture resistant with electronically welded seams for long lasting life. The AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak is super buoyant, with nine air chambers to add stability even in rough waters. It features built in aluminum ribs for ease in gliding through the water and increased paddling performance. The double layered material on the bow and stern along with welded–on landing plates gives extra protection when you are pulling the boat to shore by its low profile rubber handles with neoprene knuckle guards.
  • Portability and Storage: This is the perfect kayak for apartment dwellers that enjoy the great outdoors. Customers like that the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak fits into a moderately sized canvas bag for easy transport. In fact, you can keep the bag in your car for spur of the moment trips. No need for a roof rack! The kayak’s extra storage feature offers plenty of space for packing for longer trips and does not compromise leg space. The deck of the boat is bungee laced and includes D-ring tie downs for stowing gear.
  • Longer Length and Tracking Fin for Better Performance: The longer length, 13’ from bow to stern, lends well to storage space. This added length, along with the reinforced aluminum frame, provides enhanced tracking performance and speed. The new feature of a skeg tracking fin enhances performance even further.
  • Other Helpful Features: The high support, padded seat provides custom back support and also features an inflatable lumbar support that you can inflate or deflate according to your needs. It comes with a repair kit in case you have any mishaps while on the water. Though with three layers of rugged material, this inflatable kayak is puncture resistant. The AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak also offers inflatable coaming tubes so that you can use a spray skirt (sold separately) to stay dry and warm in cooler temperatures.


 AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Customer Reviews

Out of 28 reviews, the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak has gotten favorable reviews from many owners. The following is what customers like about the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak:

  • Versatility: Customers love that the kayak can be can be stored anywhere, and you do not need a large vehicle or storage rack to bring it with you into remote areas.
  • Quick set-up and take down: Most customers boast approximately 15 minute set up with a similarly timed deflate and return to bag. The longest part of putting it away being drying time which many recommend to do when arrive home, pull it out of the bag again and let it thoroughly dry. Using a towel to manually dry the kayak can speed up this process.
  • No Fear of Tipping: People feel comfortable in the AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak because it’s wide with lots of tubes and you sit low down in the kayak for stability. Many are surprised at the stability of this inflatable kayak and say it compares favorably to hard shell kayaks they have owned and used.
  • Excellent for Taller and Heavier Riders: Many AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak customer reviews noted that they were taller and larger than average and that this boat was a good fit for them. At 6’2 and 215 lbs, and another at 6’3 and 260 lbs, customers noted “a good fit” and “fit very nicely”. The kayak does hold up to 450 lbs, so plenty of extra room for gear and supplies.

 AdvancedFrame Expedition Kayak Cons

  • Weight: Overall customers complain that while the storage bag is convenient for small spaces and spur of the moment trips, it is very heavy. At 42lbs, do not expect to throw this on your back and go trekking down the trails. When this inflatable kayak is wet, it is very heavy so it’s definitely recommended to dry it as best you can before deflating, folding, and returning to the storage bag. It’s worth noting that the backbone accessory (sold separately) is highly recommended by customers. They feel that the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak tracks a lot better with this feature. The downside is that many customers feel the backbone is not especially comfortable and did a number on their backs during longer trips. More than one person alleviated this problem by purchasing a cheap foam swim noodle, cutting it to size and using it to add a little extra comfort to the ride.
  • No Pump, Gauge, or Paddles: This inflatable kayak does not come with a pump or any type of indication to know when you have filled the kayak to its proper inflation point. Customers recommend purchasing the Advanced Element Double Action Pump for a sure thing. Also not included are the paddles. Be sure you factor in the cost of a decent set into the purchase price of this inflatable kayak. Also check out the Advanced Elements Tech Pouch.


The AdvancedFrame Expedition kayak gets very positive reviews overall. The benefit of the convenience, portability, storage for small spaces outweighs the negative of longer drying time and heavy transport. Comparable to hard-shelled kayaks for tracking, speed, and comfort, customers are overwhelmingly in favor of this inflatable kayak.  It stands up to the test with its multiple chambers offering surprising stability and durability. We would recommend this kayak to larger/taller people and avid kayakers who will be using it out in the ocean or taking it on longer trips. READ MORE OWNER REVIEWS HERE⇒



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