Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak Review


  • Tracks well
  • Durable
  • Easy to setup


  • Weight
  • No pump or paddle

The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak is a hybrid of a folding frame kayak and an inflatable kayak. This 15ft inflatable kayak can be used solo or tandem. The versatility of this kayak allows you to convert your Advanced Frame Convertible kayak in a matter of only minutes.

It is made from extremely durable materials, sets up in just a few minutes, and folds into its included duffel bag when not in use.

Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak Features

  • Improved Tracking: The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak has built-in aluminum ribs at the bow and stern. The stern also acts as a skeg for better tracking performance. This allows the kayak to maneuver well and move quickly through the water.
  • Comfort and Durability: The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak is made with three layers of material for ultimate puncture resistance. Supportive, adjustable padded seats make for comfortable sitting for hours of paddling. This kayak weighs 52lbs. and has a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.
  • Easy set-up and Versatility: This kayak will arrive assembled. All you have to do is unfold, inflate, and attach the seats. The 3 seat locations allow for paddling with a partner or solo.
  • Additional Features: The kayak comes with a carry duffel bag, repair kit, owner’s manual.

Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak Customer Reviews

The Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak kayak received good reviews from most of its owners and us. The following is an overview of what customers like about this convertible kayak:

  • Great Tracking: The Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak boasts excellent tracking and customers agree. It has a welded keel at the bottom and a plastic welded spine at the bottom which contributes to the quality of the tracking. Out in the open it moves fast and straight with no turning or twisting at all. Paddlers using this kayak are happy to keep up with their friends using hard shelled kayaks!
  • Durable: Stable, robust, impenetrable, and sturdy are just some of the words that customers used to describe the Advanced Frame Convertible kayak. It survives rocks, sticks, trees, and class one rapids. Even the few cases of punctures with the Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak did not penetrate past the first later and were easily fixed with a repair kit.
  • Fast Set-Up: With an average time of about 10 minutes each for set up and take down, you can be on the water in no time with this inflatable kayak. Allow extra time for drying if you plan to store the kayak right away.
  • Easy Storage: The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak does not require a roof rack like you would need for a hard shelled kayak. It folds up into the provided duffle bag and easily be stored in the car, garage, or closet between trips.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Advanced Elements offers professional and efficient service to their customers. Many customers noted fast response times and ease in replacing or ordering parts for their kayak.

Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak Cons

  • Heavy: At 52lbs. this inflatable kayak can be difficult for one person to carry alone. The sturdy and rugged build do make this heavier than other inflatables. Customers recommend a cart with wheels for transport or working in tandem.
  • Extras Not Included: The Advanced Frame Convertible Kayak does not come with any of the extras needed to fully enjoy the experience. You will have to purchase paddles and a pump to even use the kayak. It is recommended that if you use an electric pump, you will still need a hand pump to finish the inflation. Other extras include a splashguard and a backbone. Most customers highly recommend the backbone for excellent tracking and maneuverability. The splashguard is optional but definitely makes for a more comfortable experience if you are guarded from the elements.
  • Small Storage Bag: People who purchased the Advanced Frame Convertible kayak noted some difficulty of returning the kayak to its storage bag after use. Many urge the company to make the storage bag larger. The last thing you want to be doing after a long day on the water is wrestling with your wet kayak.


The Advanced Frame Convertible kayak is a beast among inflatable kayaks. It flies through the water with ease and allows you to easily keep up with paddlers using hard shelled kayaks.

Go ahead and purchase the added feature of a backbone for even more superior tracking.

Users love the versatility of this kayak. It allows you to hit the water alone or with a friend. You certainly do not have to worry about damage to your kayak with its triple layers of material for extremely high quality, puncture resistant kayaking.

Be the envy of all your friends with this easy to set-up, high quality, simple to store kayak that performs like a hard shelled kayak. No need for a car rack or extra storage. Just unfold, blow up, and go!

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