Advanced Elements StraitEdge Kayak Review

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4.5/5 on September 4, 2015

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26 reviews


  • Self bailing
  • Comfortable
  • Tracks well


  • No pump or paddle
  • Difficult to dry

If you want to explore the open waters in a kayak and have all the control of a real kayak in an inflatable one, then you will want to consider the Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak. The StraitEdge inflatable kayak is also rated for Class III whitewater rapids. It is one of the only inflatable kayaks to offer so much versatility and durability, which makes it a truly special to own.


Advanced Elements StraitEdge Kayak Features

  • Improved Tracking: The Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak features built in aluminum ribs. This defines the bow and the stern to give you more control so that you do not have to worry about whether you have tracking in windy weather or rough waters.
  • Self-Bailing: With the StraitEdge inflatable kayak you can venture out into the water and know that you are safe. It has the ability to self-bail which means any water that you take on can be easily flushed out before true issues come up.
  • Easy Assembly: Every part is pre-assembled at the factory so that all you have to do is unfold, inflate, add the seats, and enjoy. This makes it easy for most people to get into the water and off on an adventure faster.
  • Extreme Comfort: High support seat for your back that is padded and provides comfort no matter how long you are paddling on the water. Is is very roomy for a single person and has a weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • Durable: The Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak uses only heavy duty PVC Tarpaulin material to resist punctures. You can enjoy traveling into waters that you would have to avoid in other inflatable kayaks.


Advanced Elements StraitEdge Kayak Customer Reviews

Like most Advanced Element kayaks the StraitEdge inflatable kayak received very good reviews from many of its owners.The following is an overview of what customers like about this convertible kayak:

  • Pet friendly: Due to the fact that the Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak uses heavy duty material, you have the option to carry along man’s best friend. There are current owners who have dogs that are large and small. They all say that it is durable enough to handle even the sharp claws that come along with a dog who weighs 50 pounds or so.
  • Comfortable: There are current owners of the Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak who measure up to 6ft tall or more. They all say that regardless of their height this kayak feels comfortable when they are in the seat.
  • Smooth Riding: The StraitEdge is one of the few inflatable kayaks that allows you to ride on top rather than inside of the kayak. There are many owners who feel this makes it a much better ride. It feels very stable, even when in whitewaters.
  • Tracking: Whether you are in wind or waves, the StraitEdge ensures you will always stay on the right track. This means if you are out in the water and bad weather comes up, you do not have to worry about your ability to get back to land.
  • Easy Maneuverability: This Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak is easier to handle and faster than most hardshell kayaks available according to most owners when you are in the water, but they also enjoy other aspects as well. Most agree that it is light enough to be easily carried by anyone and that it is easier to deal with than standard kayaks.


Advanced Elements StraitEdge Kayak Cons

  • No Accessories: The StraitEdge does not come with a pump or paddles, skeg or rudder. However, most say it still tracks great and a foot pump, hand pump, or gauge are all recommended when inflating the kayak to ensure you do not bust the bladder.
  • Difficult to Dry: The biggest complaint about the StraitEdge is that it can be a pain to air out. There are some who say that you should inflate and air out after your trip to let it dry.


If you are looking for a kayak that is versatile and can be taken into a variety of situations and come out on the other side without damage, the Advanced Elements StraitEdge kayak should be a great choice for you. It is certainly preferred by current owners who have already given it a try. READ MORE OWNER REVIEWS HERE⇒









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