5 Reasons You Should Take Up Paddle Boarding


There are a lot of people talking about paddle boarding these days. It is a relatively new sport that makes time out on the water great. This article will give you our top 5 reasons you should take up paddle boarding. We are doing it in an effort to prove that if you have considered giving it a try, you should jump on board before summer time comes your way again.

Excellent Summer Fun

When the warm weather starts coming near, we all love spending time trying to plan what adventures we will participate in outdoors. We think paddle boarding is an excellent idea. It will enable you to get out on the water for a little adventure and cool summer fun. An inflatable paddle board is a great alternative to a boat or a kayak. They are more exciting than sitting on the beach or swimming in the ocean, and it can be used like a surfboard if you get tired of paddling.

A Great Way to Exercise

When using a stand-up paddle board, your entire body gets an intense workout. This is because your body must constantly work to maintain stability. Your arms will get a constant workout from the paddling motion and the constant motion will help them get toned. The good thing is paddle boarding is a very low impact way to exercise. You will not feel a lot of tension on your joints or any of the stress that your body would go through under normal circumstances. This makes it a great exercising. Many folks also love to do yoga on paddle boards now.

A Pet-Friendly Activity

You may feel that paddle boarding is a solo sport but this is not necessarily true. There are some paddle boards that are big enough to support a paddler and a companion. Many paddlers like to take along their beloved pet to enjoy a day of watery fun. As long as “Fido” is willing to sit on the board, you two can paddle off into the sunset. We ]guarantee that your pet will love it as much as you do.

Easy to Learn

If you are able to stand up, walk up and down stairs, or play hopscotch, you can learn how to paddle board with little effort. All it takes is some balance and a willingness to try. You simply stand up on a platform and paddle your way through the water.

One tip is to ensure you have the proper board size. For larger people, if you get a board not recommended for your weight it may sit lower in the water and therefore be harder to balance on. In the event that you begin to feel unstable or the wind picks up and you feel you may fall in, you can just sit down. The board is going to be solid enough to not wobble a lot so even less than perfect balance is not going to hinder your experience.

Enables You to Enjoy the Scenery

With a paddle board, you have the option to take it outside of the beach. You can use it to explore hidden coves where boats are unable to go, you can take it out on the lake near your home, or go hiking into the woods or mountains to explore the hidden lakes that are there. You can use them on any body of water and if you get tired of paddling; you can sit down and relax on the surface. Just imagine how much more of the outdoors you can see and enjoy?

Here is a list of our top recommended paddle boards.