3 Kayak Fishing Accessories You Need for Your Next Excursion


During the summer, many people enjoy water sports activities. For some, kayaking is a form of enjoyment that can be enjoyed alone or with a group. As a result of the way you can glide through the water without creating much of a disturbance, many anglers have turned to kayaks to improve their chances of catching fish.

What’s more, good fishermen know that having the proper tools makes fishing that much more enjoyable.

Kayak Fishing Accessories You Should Buy

  • Hanperal 2-piece Plastic Flush Mount Boat Rod Holders & Cap Cover
  • TMS Boat Kayak Carrier Tote Trolley
  • Jet Logic A-2 Anchor System

Hanperal 2-piece Plastic Flush Mount Boat Rod Holders & Cap Cover

The 7.5-inch rod holders are a must-have for any fishing trip. The inside diameter is 4.5 cm and fits almost any rod. Not having to hold a rod makes your fishing trip even better.

The high-quality ABS material used to make the accessory will make the attachment last many seasons. It is easy to install and easy to use.

The characteristics that make this accessory stand out include:

  • Easy to install
  • Fits most kayaks
  • Highly durable

Keeping fishing rods accessible and safe on a kayak is essential. There are a lot of places and ways to do that. The Hanperal rod holders are among the best and flush mount holders keep rods at a 30-degree angle.

You are asking for trouble by resting the rod on the kayak. Many fishing rods have been stepped on and broken or accidentally snapped while battling a fish. Worse still, some have been known to slip off the side of the kayak and be lost in the murky depths forever—it’s an expensive mistake to make. The solution is a fishing rod holder. Rod holders keep precious fishing rods safe. They are out of the way, yet quickly accessible when needed.

One appealing aspect of fishing is it is a pleasant way to spend time. However, when most of that time is spent holding a rod, it limits the use of your hands. It is a great tool when you need your hands free to move the boat, bait a hook, or take a break as you wait for the fish to bite.

Flush mount rod holders are mounted below the surface of a kayak. Many kayak enthusiasts prefer flush mount rod holders for their clean appearance, sturdiness, and clutter-free feel. Nothing beats this kind of rod holder when trolling or hooking fish. There are no adjustable pieces or weak parts to shift upon a strike. Some fishermen prefer to raise the rod holder a few inches for a different angle between the water and the line.

TMS Boat Kayak Carrier Trolley

This TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK – KY001 supports 150 pounds. It fits a 12-foot long boat. The carrier has a metal frame that is durable and incredibly strong.

The arms of the kayak are protected from damage by foam bumpers while large straps also ensure the kayak stays on the tote.

Large, extra-wide inflatable tires make rolling over gravel and sand smooth and even large kayaks get to the beach effortlessly.

The stand-out features of this accessory are:

  • Foam bumpers
  • Large inflatable tires
  • Strong, durable design

The TMS KY001 not only made the Globo Surf recommended list but also the Top Ten list for Ezvid Wiki. Paddling a kayak provides sufficient exercise. Make transporting the kayak to waterside or the dock easy with one of these dollies.

This cart has made recommended lists because it handles almost any terrain while being simple to load and pull, even when you are tired of being on the water all day. The oversized, pneumatic wheels and sturdy frame make for a smoother ride on rocky areas and gravel.

It works well for larger kayaks and is reasonably priced. Kayak carts make the kayaker’s life easier. They remove the backbreaking effort needed to haul a kayak from the vehicle to the water. The KY001 is simple to set up. Only the wheels need to be attached.

Kayaking is an excellent way to have fun and practice sports, but carrying the kayak around can be hard. A kayak is heavy and bulky, which makes a cart indispensable if you want to maneuver on sand or softened earth. The KY001 was created with easy use in mind. The bumpers cushion the precious hull with foam so that the kayak can be toted around safely.

Jet Logic A-2 Anchor System

Do you wonder how to stay in one place while in a kayak? How can you prevent a kayak from floating away at night while you sleep? A kayak anchor is an accessory that is often forgotten. No kayak repertoire is complete without an anchor system.

Among the best attachments for kayak fishing is the foldingJet Logic anchor system. The anchor system is also sold under the Airhead logo. The 3⅓-pound frame can hold a kayak and all the gear in place as long as needed.

Throwing casts from the same spot allows the fish supply to be scoped out. The 25-foot rope is marine grade. It makes anchoring in shallows where fish camp out easy. While pedaling to the perfect spot, the foldable design keeps the anchor out of the way. The durable, stylish nylon case is a bonus.

The features that make this accessory stand out to Globo Surf and Outside Pursuits that has also listed the anchor system as a recommended choice are:

  • Durable carry bag included
  • Foldable design
  • Made for any terrain

Kayaks are susceptible to wind drifts that make an anchor system an appreciated addition. The anchor has a nice looking clip that will not accidentally come off. It has to be opened to remove. The anchor won’t be unhooked by accident.

The clip release system and buoy are upgrades from a simple steel hook. The buoy, rope, and anchor color match. The anchor is also powder-coated. This extra layer of protection helps the anchor withstand harsh underwater conditions and repel rust a little longer than metal that has not been coated. This anchor system holds the kayak in rock, gravel, mud, or sand. The anchor system allows a more relaxing experience than continually paddling to remain in an area.

Some more accessories you should consider are kayak pumps, fish finders, and trolling motors.