10 Inflatable Boat Accessories That Are a Must!


Whether it’s an inflatable paddle board, kayak, or any other watercraft, inflatable boats are fun! They allow you to take to the water with ease and enjoy a day of adventure, fun with friends, exercise, great views, and so much more. What’s not to love about a day on the water, equipped with an inflatable boat?

Well, if you’re a lover of inflatable boats and spending time on the water, you’ll want to be sure you make the most of your inflatable boat! There are countless inflatable boat accessories designed specifically to help you make the most of your experience. Deck out your inflatable boat with all the convenience and fun it can possibly fit!

So, without further ado, here are 10 must-have inflatable boat accessories you should definitely consider taking with you on your next outing!


When you’re on the water, there are plenty of reasons that you may want an anchor to weigh down your inflatable boat. Using an anchor helps to keep your boat in place so you can relax, catch your breath, take in the view, go for a swim, or anything else you may wish to do while in the water that requires your boat to stay in one location without floating off course! Fortunately, there is no shortage of anchors designed specifically for inflatable boats that can help you to accomplish this goal and give you time to pause and take in the moment!


In some cases, a quality set of paddles can end up ringing up a higher bill than a cheap inflatable paddle board. When you’re on the water, you’ll appreciate having a high-quality set of paddles to guide you along. Make sure your paddles are lightweight and easy to maneuver, and that they feel comfortable to use! Finding the right fit can be a challenge, but by doing your research and reading reviews before settling on a particular product, you should be able to find a pair that suit you well.


Lights are always a good option when it comes to accessories for your inflatable vessel. With lights, you can navigate the waters in fashion or fix one to your boat as a safety measure in the dark hours. For safety, lights help to make your boat more visible and make sure you are not missed by other watercrafts. In times of distress, you can use the lights to signal to those on shore! There are plenty lights of different colors and styles, so you’ll find one that you like.


Don’t let the fact that you’re on an inflatable boat stop you from catching the wind in your sails! By purchasing your very own sail and equipping it to your inflatable vessel, you can move faster while on the water. With a sail, you can navigate your direction more precisely, and chase after your own adventure! Having a sail on board enhances your experience and the fun you’re having on the water! Explore different options for sails that are compatible with your inflatable boat to find one that is a good fit for you. See what a difference it can make in your water adventures!

Electric Pumps 

If you have an inflatable boat, you’ll probably want to consider an electric pump. Once you get one, you will wonder how you ever lived without it! Inflating your boat with a hand pump can start off smoothly, but once it starts filling up, the challenge is on. It gets a lot more difficult to use a hand pump as the pressure begins to build. But when you think about it, it really doesn’t make sense to use a hand pump. You use so much of your energy on inflating your boat before you even make it to the water! Save your energy for the fun part instead by using an electric pump to get your watercraft fully inflated and ready to go. Spend that energy on chasing adventure, good views, and incredible memories instead!

Electric pumps inflate your boat just as quickly as doing it by hand. If anything, they’re even faster! Many good quality electric pumps also have the built-in function to shut themselves off. That means you don’t have to stand by and wait for the boat to inflate. You can leave the pump running while you get your gear ready to hit the water.


Affixing a ladder to your inflatable boat can make things much easier! If you’ve ever jumped out of your inflatable boat to go for a little swim while in the water – or maybe even fallen out of it – then you know that getting back on is a much bigger challenge. To help solve this problem, ladders are made for inflatable boats to help you get back on with ease!

Bench Seats

Why not make your inflatable boat more comfortable by adding a bench seat to it? This can allow for a more comfortable paddling position, making it easier to sit for long periods of time!

Back Rest Bolster 

Are you on the water for the views and relaxation, rather than a workout? Then enhance your relaxation by fitting your inflatable boat with a backrest. You’ll be able to lean back and enjoy the views surrounded by nature without your back aching from too much exertion!

Bemini Top 

Prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion by finding a Bemini top that is compatible with your inflatable boat! This offers plenty of shade, so you can close your eyes and relax on the water without fear of turning red as a tomato from the sun’s rays.

Electric Trolling Motor

Tired from paddling too much? You can find an electric trolling motor to serve as a useful accessory for things like trolling for trout, or getting back to shore after you’ve used all your energy paddling around the water. Larger motors will be needed for larger inflatables, so make sure you find one up to the task for your vessel!

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