Inflatable Fishing Paddle Boards: Catch Big Fish with these Top Models


There are people out there that love fishing. Then there are also people who want to take fishing to an extreme level. In the past, this meant that they wanted to go further out into the ocean, in deeper water, where they could find large fish. Now there’s a new way of fishing that allows people to stay close to land and experience a new type of fishing that goes beyond your wildest dreams. It is all due to the inflatable fishing paddle boards that are now available for purchase and total enjoyment.

Why Paddle Board Fishing is the Best

When you venture out on a paddle board, you are close to the water. You can feel the water flowing under your feet and each little tug on your line will feel more amplified by the way that your paddle board will rock back and forth. When you actually hook a fish, you will feel it pulling you in a way that you will never feel it when you are on a boat, even if it is only a small fish on the end of your line. It takes balance to stay upright on the board while battling the fish. It takes skill to win the battle and you can get into areas where most people will never be able to fish.


What Is an Inflatable Fishing Paddle Board?

Stand up paddle boards, or SUPs are seen in all types of water. People stand on them and paddle where they want to go. It is a great form of exercise and gives every part of your body a workout. They are wider platforms that are easy to stand on. The paddle board itself is fun to ride on. The fishing SUP is no different. It is a wide platform to stand on. You can paddle it into shallow water areas and you can experience fishing like never before. The fact that it is now inflatable, further enhances the experience. It’s affordable so that more people can enjoy fishing the way that nature really intended it to be done.

The biggest difference is; an inflatable fishing paddle board has more features than a traditional paddle board. It has tie down areas so that you can hold a tackle box and your fishing poles. Some of them have seats that you can attach so that you can sit comfortably while fishing. In all cases, they are affordable and extremely portable.

To give you a better idea of the features that are available and why people choose the inflatable SUP, we came up with a few of the best-selling styles. These SUPs are user approved for fishing and durability.


Aqua Marina Drift Fishing iSUP

This inflatable stand up paddle board includes a fish cooler and fishing rod holders. It has independent side champers for extra safety and elastic bungee cords for you to carry cargo. Included in the set, you have a tracking fin, a bag for carrying it, an air pump, and the fishing SUP.


  • Comes with two built-in fishing rod holders
  • Double sided rail design helps with stability when paddling
  • Materials make this paddle board very durable
  • Comes with a cooler that has a high back seat to help when fishing
  • Comes with back bag to help transport the board
  • Has elastic bungee cords which helps secure cargo


  • Paddle not included
  • Repair kid not included

Inflatable fishing paddle boards

Osprey Inflatable Fishing iSUP

This large paddle board has everything you need for a fishing trip out. It can hold your cooler, your paddle, poles and fishing gear, as well as any other cargo that you want to take along. Its size makes it very stable and allows it to carry heavier riders and/or extra equipment. The Osprey iSUP is slightly more expensive, but according to many owners it is well worth the price for quality.


  • Extra wide design makes this paddle board very stable
  • Comes with back bag to help transport the board
  • Extra large EVA foam deck pad provides solid footing
  • Has elastic bungee cords which helps secure cargo
  • 3 PVC pods for mounting accessories
  • Has a 400lb weight capacity


  • Paddle not included
  • Rod holders not included
  • Price

inflatable fishing paddle board

Norestar Marine Fishing iSUP

This board comes with a fin, a seat, a paddle and fishing rod holders. It can be used as a stand up paddle board or you can sit on it kayak style. The Norestar iSUP inflates and deflates easily. It is very stable and features diamond groove on the deck to make it easy for you to stand on without slipping.


  • Comes with two rod holders, paddle, pump, seat and back pack
  • Has stainless D rings and elastic bungee cords which helps secure cargo
  • Deck features diamond groove traction for ultimate grip and stability
  • Deflates quickly and easily stored in carry back pack
  • Easy to transport since it weights only 22lbs
  • Price


  • 250lb weight capacity

best fishing SUP